[Chongqing] Chongqing Fuling highway tunnel LED energy-saving renovation project started

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Source: Chongqing Traffic Committee date: October 23, 2015

As the environment of energy saving and improving traffic tunnel, Chongqing Fuling company through the lamp test and selection, without changing the original tunnel lighting control circuit and the installation position of the lamp base, by the Chongqing green technology companies to provide 2879 sets of color temperature LED energy-saving lamps of the remote control, one of the replacement of the original high 

pressure sodium lamp. The cooperation between the two sides for a period of ten years, will reduce energy saving electricity as part of both sides according to a certain proportion and time share base, five years ago, Yu Fu and green science and Technology Press 2:8 to share such results, after five years of energy-saving results divided by 5:5. Within ten years, two tunnels are expected to save about 5 million of the cost of cleaning, maintenance and electricity savings. The project is expected to be completed by mid December 2015.